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Tsunami Warning in Indonesia Following Volcanic Eruption, Thousands Evacuated

Following significant eruptions from Ruang mountain, which propelled ash clouds high into the sky, Indonesian officials promptly issued a tsunami warning on Wednesday. The authorities have directed over 11,000 individuals to evacuate the vicinity due to the heightened activity.

The volcano, located on the northern tip of Sulawesi island, has experienced at least five major eruptions within the last day, prompting the Center for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation to escalate the alert status to the highest level.

By early Wednesday, approximately 800 people had already evacuated the area. Indonesia, home to about 270 million people and 120 active volcanoes, is notably vulnerable to such natural disasters. This susceptibility stems from its position along the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” a hotspot for seismic activity due to its horseshoe-shaped fault lines.

Authorities are particularly cautious, advising both locals and tourists to maintain a distance of at least 3.7 miles from the 2,378-foot high Ruang volcano. There is an ongoing concern that a significant portion of the volcano could break off and fall into the sea, potentially triggering a tsunami similar to the one caused by the eruption in 1871.

Residents of Tagulandang island, located northeast of the volcano, are especially at risk and have been instructed to evacuate. Plans are underway to relocate affected residents to Manado, a city on Sulawesi island, which is approximately a six-hour boat ride away.

This region is no stranger to devastating volcanic events. In 2018, an eruption from the Anak Krakatau volcano led to a tsunami that struck the coasts of Sumatra and Java, resulting in the deaths of 430 people after part of the volcano collapsed into the ocean.

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