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Use Your Iphone To Make You Life Easier

There are pros and cons to owning an iphone.The phone can be absolutely mind boggling.

Don’t forget to update your phone as new updates become available. This means that your phone will always have what it needs to function properly. It also make you move pictures and documents to your computer. This way, if your phone is damaged, you will not lose everything.

Save your valuable battery by lowering the brightness of your iphone. Go to the settings portion of your phone and reduce the brightness level.

You may want to opt for a larger keyboard to make surfing the Internet easier. It is, however, not necessary to purchase a larger keyboard. From the Safari browser, rotate your phone sideways and tap on the address bar. The keyboard instantly becomes larger and far more easy to use.

A great tip to implement when using the iphone is to save pictures from those. Simply touch the picture and hold for two or three seconds. A menu will pop up giving you an option of saving the selected image.

To save battery power, decrease your iPhone’s brightness. To lower the brightness level, simply adjust your phone’s settings. Your iPhone will draw less power with a darker screen, and you’ll find that a single charge lasts longer this way.

It is not necessary to hit the “X.” Just tap somewhere else on the screen! The suggestion box will instantly close.

One of the best buys you can make for your iPhone is a protective screen. Without a screen protector, your phone will be more vulnerable to scratches, scrapes and nicks. Even tiny pieces of dirt hidden on your finger may scratch an unprotected screen. A screen protector is affordable and a worthwhile investment.

The iphone lets you come up with your own shortcuts and dictionary. You will be able to access these shortcuts when utilizing the dictation feature and have your phone transcribe what you say out loud. You also have the option of adding in your shortcuts menu. The keyboard will also pull from this dictionary for autocorrect when typing words and phrases.

Any website can be turned into an iPhone app listed on your home screen. Load the website on your iPhone. Press the “Go” button when you get to the website. This will give you the option to add this site to your home screen. After it has been added, simply rename it to create the app.

Text Files

You can customize your iPhone’s dictionary and create shortcuts to make texting faster. This feature allows the phone to understand your speech. It is also possible to put in new phrases and shortcuts. In addition, the autocorrect mode will help you when using your keyboard.

There are many useful apps available that transform your iphone into a storage device. You may upload text files, videos, pictures and even text files. You can view and manipulate your files right through your iphone, or open them right in your phone.

Speed up your messaging with this trick. Dismiss any auto-correct suggestions while texting by tapping the screen anywhere. A box with an “X” out option appears, as you can simply disregard this.

Are there special characters such as umlauts or accents that you would like to use in your messages? A pop-up box will appear that has many extra keys. This will allow you to type with fancy lettering as much as you are sure to find what you are looking for.

A great way to maximize the utility of your iPhone is to take advantage of its multimedia capabilities. You can use your iPhone download TV series episodes, movies, funny clips or anything else you desire.

Use multimedia features on your iPhone’s capabilities.

Do you know how to snap a screenshot of your iPhone? When you’re on the screen you want to save, hold down the home button and then tap on the sleep button. The screen should then turn white and you’ll know the picture was saved.

Are you questioning the wisdom of what you just typed into iMessage? Has Auto Correct messed with you say something silly? You can easily correct the damage by simply shaking your iphone.This is a quick way to undo recent typing. Go to the Settings menu to make sure this feature is enabled since it is an optional one.

Upgrade your operating system with the latest version. The reason you want to keep it updated is that Apple is constantly releasing patches and fixes for bugs within the phone. Updates also help protect any personal information stored on your phone.

Have you lost a photo opportunity because your couldn’t access your iPhone’s camera quickly? Try this quick and easy idea. Tap on the Home button when your screen is locked.A camera will pop up at the bottom of your device. Tapping this button will enable the iPhone’s camera.

If you happen to drop your phone into a liquid, stop yourself from immediately turning it back on. Dry off the exterior of the phone and leave it out overnight before trying to turn it back on. If you attempt to turn on your wet phone, you could short circuit it.

You can take a screenshot with your phone. Simply hold the “sleep” button while holding in the “home” button. Your screenshot is saved when your screen is white.

You are likely aware you can set time-based reminders on your iPhone, such as “Remind me to cook dinner at 5 P.M.” Did you know you can set reminders that are location-based? An example would be to remind you of ballet practice for your daughter right after work. You can use a variety of different reminder types with your iPhone.

Update your firmware constantly. This increases both your iPhone’s functionality and boost battery life. Just make sure you have iTunes on your computer and then connect your iphone to it. You can also connect your iphone to your iTunes and Apple computer with iCloud.

Visit Facebook from your iPhone. The Facebook app allows you to easily update your status, post to your wall, and view the latest updates from all of your friends.

Your iphone has the ability to take pictures without needing to be shaken. Your headphones incorporate volume buttons and these can also double as a way to snap your pictures. Start off by steadying your camera on the subject you wish to capture.

Think about buying an app for battery management. There are a lot available, and they can help you find out where you use battery power and which adjustments to make to extend battery life. These apps can tell you when it’s time to charge your battery as well.

You can choose your ringtones with the iphone. You don’t just want to stand out from the crowd with a non-traditional ringtone. You can upload your favorite tunes or any sound byte and use it as a ringtone. This will set your phone is ringing.

You don’t have to put up with Siri’s mechanized voice, there are other options. First, you have to find Siri that is located on the General Settings tab. Then you can set the language to English, German or French. You can also give her an distinct accent if you like, such as British or Australian. In fact, British Siris are male.

The command for marking emails as “unread” isn’t visible; you have to uncover it.

Your phone allow you instantly access to both your iPod and your favorites. From the Setting menu, go to General, and then Home. You can customize your iPhone by double tapping and selecting the options that you need to customize. This is a fairly easy process when you follow the steps.

You can set up shortcuts to specific words on your phone that will allow for faster typing. Go to the Settings menu, then select General, then Keyboard, and then Add New Shortcut. You can add shortcuts to common words and phrases you type by inputting abbreviations or acronyms as desired. When typing these shortcuts, the words will automatically be put in.

Access your social media networks with your iPhone to always stay in touch. You can update your profiles from any location with an iPhone on Facebook, Twitter and other sites. Also, you can check out the buzz with your friends during the day with updates and news feeds.

Tap cancel to save messages. You will see a dialog box asking you if you want to save your work. If you choose Save, your message is saved under Drafts. If there is no Draft folder present, one is thus created.

One of the greatest benefits of the iPhone is the ability to use FaceTime. This lets people actually see the person with whom they are speaking with. To use FaceTime, just look under contacts for Facetime. Click the FaceTime button and this will start your session.

You can be used to send great photos to your loved ones by using the iphone. There are two different ways you can do this. You could just go the traditional route of an email attachment, or you can use the Facebook application in order to upload your picture.

When working with more than one email account, you can simply check each account by giving them a different name. You might become confused if all of your accounts are named similarly. Using unique names makes it easier to keep your accounts straight.

Anyone with an iphone probably already knows that its capabilities are seemingly endless. It is hard to get the most from your iphone if you are unable to sort through all of these features. Use what you learned today and make owning an iphone a much simpler process to figuring it out.

Using your iPhone’s browser to scroll through a webpage can be difficult. You may find your self scrolling through the main webpage instead. One of the things that you can do is to zoom on the page. Then, use two fingers to scroll, rather than just one.

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